Are you prepared for these common questions asked on dating sites?

Online dating has become a trend, which helps people in continuing their search for the perfect life partner. There are numerous online dating websites with tens of thousands profiles. Everyone has higher chances on these websites to find their perfect match.

However, there are some common questions that people usually ask potential dates or other profiles on the dating sites. You should know following common questions if you are planning to use one of these websites or already using them –

What is your relationship status? – This is probably the most common question that people ask on these websites. Profiles prefer to confirm the relationship status of the other profile (single, divorced, separated etc.) before they go further in online dating.

What do you expect from a relationship? – It is another frequently asked question on dating sites. Before starting a relationship with others, people like to know their expectations. They also want to know your intentions regarding romantic relationships.

What is your job or profession? – It is also common for profiles to enquire about your job, profession or income. Most individuals like to know about your financial status before they start online dating.

What are your hobbies and habits? – Asking about hobbies is very frequent on these websites. Profiles also ask about the habits such as drinking or smoking.

Questions about age, height, weight are also common on these sites. So, you should be prepared for them.

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