Online dating and the truth behind it

Online dating in countries like Philippines is becoming more and more famous and widely accepted way of searching soul mate. Nowadays among every ten matches seven are built through online chatting.

Due to the hectic and busy schedule it’s difficult to find people, on whom you can rely on and can share your hidden thoughts. Online dating can be a safe haven for those, who are looking for a trusted partner. And a place where one can be spending a fruit full time. Everything comes with merits and demerits. So is the case with online dating. If it piousness offers a wide array of pleasure, it can be bring an unforgettable gust, which can harm anybody’s feelings to the core, throwing them into deep disparity.

It can prove very destructive at times. So it’s necessary to be careful, when you are dealing with person, who has concealed their true self with online mask.


  • When you are chatting, watch out for those who take more interest in your financial assets, rather than you, your likes and dislikes.
  • Beware of those who ask about your address and your personal details within first or second chat.
  • You never know with whom you is chatting with you. Probably they claim to be someone else sometimes, so it will be foolishness if you judge people with their display picture and with their flattering chat messages.
  • Don’t just blindly fix a meeting, know the person properly. Take time to know them and never fix your first meeting in a tranquil place.

There is nothing bad in being suspicious, especially when it’s about your life and your sentiments. You are the owner of your will, so you can protect yourself by being cautious and by being witty at times.

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